Welcome to Chat Room City the best chat online site. Here at Chat Room City we actually care for our chatters and do our best to provide the best, the safest and most pervert and troll free online chat rooms around.
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Why Chat Online At Chat Room City?

Why would you choose chat online at Chat Room City? There are many reasons we can give here are but a few.

We Care

We care!! we created this site because we care about people and want them to have a good time online without the hassles you get at so many other sites.

No Perverts or Trolls

At Chat Room City we go out of our way to make sure perverts are dealt with, so you don’t have to deal with that sort of carry on. We have effective processes meaning we can remove the unwanted from Chat Room City so our rooms are happy and are able to have good clean fun without people ruining your good time.

The same principles go for our dealings with trolls. No one like abusive trolls in a chat room. No decent person wants to see abuse of other or of themselves.

We Have Fun

We go out of our way to make things fun. None of the anti pervert or troll systems get in the way of peoples fun. Our highly experienced administrators and moderators will not get in your way to have fun. As a matter of fact they know how to make things fun in chat. We regularly have special events that everyone can participate in. We are willing to help in any way we can anyone hold an event if they so wish.

Lots Of Chat Features

Here at Chat Room City use a modern online chat room program for you to chat in. This room has facilities many other programs no longer offer. You can add friends to a friend’s list, add to your messages or fun using Giphy the GIF posting program. Play music or other videos via out YouTube link.

Overall we are confident that we are the online chat site you would want to call your chat home.
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