Here we will discover how to upload an avatar and how to change an avatar. You can use a personal pic if you wish to. If you are under 18 we recommend that you do not use a personal pic. This is only a suggestion. Please be aware if we discover you are using someone else’s pic and pretending it is you, you will be instantly banned. Also, do not use an inappropriate pic. Any illegal pics will be passed on to the authorities along with your email and IP.

To upload or change your avatar, just point to your avatar with your cursor and click!

You will then see this screen:

On this screen you want to click on ‘My Profile’.

This will bring up this dialogue box. Click on the small camera icon.

This will bring up the familar upload/download dialogue box. You can navigate to where your pic is saved and select the one you want to use as an avatar.
That is it!

Go here to find out about user lists.