Although our chat rooms are extremely easy to use, we have so many amazing features we decided to create help pages to give a detailed explanation of all their functions.

When you first enter chat, this is what you will see at the top right-hand side of the chat room screen:

Explanation of each icon:

This is your Private Messages. When a user sends you a private message this will have a red square with a number inside. The number indicates how many private messages you have. e.g’

Next to the Private Message icon is the ‘Friend Request’ icon.

This is where you will receive a ‘friend request’. When you have a friend request the icon will look like this:

The private message dialogue box will open up at the bottom right of the chat screen. This box is not fixed and can be moved by pointing to the top bar of the box then holding down the left mouse button. You can drag the box to where you would like it, then release the left mouse button.

The next icon is for ‘Notifications’.

This is where you will receive notifications when a friend makes a post on your friends wall or some other information just for you. A number indicates how many notifications you have.

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