The following offences will result in a warning which, if you fail to heed, will result in removal and possible long term ban from Our Free Chat Rooms.

– Users who are double-logged into our free chat rooms.

– Users who refuse to follow requests from Admins/Moderators.

– Excessive cursing

– Posting of phone numbers e-mail addresses, social network sites or other chat sites in public sections of Chat Room City.

– Spamming or scrolling

– Excessively attempting to troll others.

– Causing excessive disruption in any section of Chat Room City

– Harassing other users

– Refusal to speak English in public areas of Chat Room City

– Cam requests in main rooms

-Role play requests

The following offences will cause an instant removal from the Chat Room City and possible long term ban.

– Sexual role playing in public areas actual or requests

– Explicit sexual talk in public sections of Chat Room City. Please be mindful of the  age limit of the section you are in.

-Any nudity on cams

– Requests for talking to older or younger.  Please only request private chat with those within your age group

– Teachers, Coaches, Drs, Model Agents, Mum/Mom, Dad, other family based names etc in usernames. Sexualised user names actual or implied

– Celebrity usernames

– The use of fake photos in any part of Chat room city and claiming they are you or a relative

-The use of nude or sexualised pictures

– Fetish requests or names

– Racism

– Master/sub requests or names

– Cam prostitution/people selling cam shows

– Sexual harassment

– Impersonating admin or moderator

– Underage users (we are a 13 plus site and there are age restrictions on certain rooms)

– Cloning



The following will result in a permanent ban from Chat Room City and your details will be passed on to an international police task force for investigation. Please be aware that this could lead to your arrest and possible conviction. VPN or rolling IP will not protect you from the authorities.

– Paedophiles/Child Pornography

– Bestiality

– Incest

– Rape threats

– Discussing the use or sale of illicit drugs

– Any other illegal activities

Anyone wanting to report any of the above please take a screen shot that shows date and time ( your computers clock) and pass it onto a Moderator or Admin.

By registering here at Chat Room City you agree to adhere to the rules of Chat Room City.