Chatroomcity -Free and Clean Chat Rooms

We at Chat Room City take your safety very seriously. Our aim is to keep our rooms free of trolls and predators and give you the space to have enjoy your time here. We put a lot of time and effort into this.

Unfortunately we cannot 100% guarantee someone with nefarious intent won’t come in and not get caught by one of our mods. So we suggest to you to follow certain principles in order to be responsible for your own safety and the safety of others as well. following are our suggestions.

Never give out personal information. This is information like your surname ( family name) exactly where you live, your e-mail, School, Phone number etc. These things can be used to trace/identify you and there may be unwanted consequences. Remember not everyone on the internet is who they say they are. Parents DO NOT share pictures of your children, paedophiles are well known to Photoshop children’s pictures and distribute them amongst their kind. Also do not give out friends personal information. We include not giving such information etc to Administrator or Moderator. It is not our policy to ask for such information from our chatters, the only exception to this is if you apply for a responsible position on our staff.

Be careful about the pictures you post. Remember everything you put on the internet is potentially going to be seen by many people. Be careful how much you reveal through your picture. Some pictures can be used to identify you and even find where you live e.g. A picture of your car with license plate number or a picture of your house.

Do not arrange to meet someone in real life or if you do make sure you have a friend with you and it’s in a safe public place. If anyone tries to pressure you to do so talk to one of our mods or an admin.

Stick to a chat room that is for your age group. younger people going to older rooms can place you in situations that you are not prepared for. Always pm with those within your age group too. Older predators will mainly start out nice and innocent but are clever at drawing in people slowly. Older chatters should not chat with those in pm who are under 18, you may have innocent intent but you may find yourself in difficulty, prevention is better than cure.

Report to a Moderator or Administrator any behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable or if you see behaviour that is suspect. They are here to help and they have the tools to be able to deal with problem chatters. Take screen shots if you can that include your computer clock and date. This can help us in our reporting of criminal acts.

Any form of bullying will not be tolerated and in some jurisdictions is illegal. If you feel that someone is bullying you once again please screen shot it and talk to a Moderator or Administrator.

Think before posting , if you wouldn’t say it in public then do not post it in chat. Chat rooms are a public forum and the same as “real” life. Do not follow the idea that this is just chat and different from “real” life. Often what you say in chat can be miss understood as no one can hear your tone or see your expression , use our emotes to back up what you are saying. Don’t write in all capitals, this is considered yelling in chat rooms.

Take breaks. It is easy to get caught up in chat. It can and is a lot of fun

Parents please monitor your child’s internet use and who they chat with your experience of life may save you and your from child heartache.

If you have any questions or feel uncertain about things in chat feel free to talk to one of our Moderators or Administrators.