people enjoy clean chat rooms

Our aim is to provide clean chat rooms for everyone to enjoy.

At Chat Room City we want to promote the idea of having good clean fun in our clean chat rooms.

At Chat Room City we want to promote the idea of having good clean fun in our clean chat rooms.

We know most chatters will have experienced private messages from other chatters with rude or abusive comments directed at you. Sometimes these comments are not restricted to private chat but are posted in the main chat room window.

One of our main aims is to make sure our chat rooms are free from abusive or perverted comments. Therefore we have put in place measures to create clean chat rooms. If you are looking for anything other than clean, friendly chat, please use Google to find a different chat site.

How do you stop bad chatters?

What do we have in place? Firstly we have experienced moderators who know how to keep a low profile while watching for and dealing with poor behaviour.  Reasonable people do not want this sort of behaviour.  They keep an eye on things without distracting from your fun.

Also, we have in place reporting procedures and investigation procedures. If someone is acting in a way that goes against the spirit of clean chat we ask you to take screenshots. At the same time use the report button in chat. pass on any information and screenshots to a moderator and we will deal with anything that goes against the idea of clean chat rooms.

Obviously what two consenting adults chat about in a private conversation is entirely up to them. But please note it is if both adults are consenting. if you or anyone else attempts such behaviour with those who are not consenting we will take appropriate action.

Any Adults caught attempting to engage our under 18 members in non-clean chat will be dealt with harshly. We want a safe environment for all especially our younger chatters.

When we were moderating at another chat site we had many chatters telling us that they were sick of being sent private messages that were rude or abusive. This is one of the motivating factors in making a site with clean chat rooms.

If you want fun clean chat the join us today!