Welcome to our list of chat room features. We could not list every feature that our chat rooms have, because thee are so many! But we have provided a list of the most popular ones.

Let us begin witYouTube Logoh what has become an absolute must for chat rooms, and that is a high-quality YouTube Player.  Our YouTube Player has a ‘pop-out’ option that allows you to view the video in a small pop-out window which can be moved around if required. You can also play videos in ‘Full-Screen’ mode. Our YouTube Player is very popular and is also a vital part of our very popular Music Club.




Giphy LogoAlmost as popular as our YouTube Player is our Gif Player powered by Giphy.com. Our Gif Player comes with a native search engine which allows you to search over one million Gifs at Giphy.com and insert your chosen Gif straight into the chat room or private chatbox. Our Giphy player is so popular many chatters can have a fun chat purely by using Gifs!



admin iconWe will do our best to ensure that all our rooms have a moderator or an admin present to deal with any possible issue that may arise. Our moderators and admins are very experienced and do their best to maintain a pleasant chat experience.



There may be times when there are not enough moderators or admins online to cover all of the chat rooms but we have a solution for that too! Every message that is posted in our chat rooms has a small flag icon at the end of the message. By clicking on that small flag all moderators and admins, whether in the room or not, will receive a notification and a copy or copies of any flagged messages. This enables staff to be aware of an issue very quickly and will allow us to take appropriate action as soon as we can.