Welcome to Chat Room City the free chat site that is fun safe and troll free.

Chatters enjoying free chat at Chat Room City

Here are Chat room city free chat we are more than just a chat site. We offer many great options within our easy to use chat program that many sites don’t offer. We have Giphy the gif posting program that our chatter have a lot of fun with. You tube player is a great function that we use to play music videos and even watch movies on. We have a function where you can add friends and even let them know what happening for you via the friends wall. Using your profile you can let other chatters know about you. of course we have all the usual font and colour functions. Our quiz bot is a lot of fun.

In many chat sites you will just find the usual people out to use you for their pleasure. We are more of a community than just a free chat site. Our chatters actually form genuine friendships and care for one another. We work very hard to keep our site pervert and troll free. We actively investigate and remove any catfish that occasionally come to our attention.

As with all good communities we occasionally have event and clubs for you the chatter to attend if you choose to. We have a regular music club where members share music with each other. Occasionally we will have quiz nights or game show nights.

We have very experienced administrators and moderators who are there to keep the peace and assist you with fun. You will rarely notice that they are officials here at chat room city as they know how to let you have a good time within the rules. They do a great job at keeping nasty trolls and perverts out.

Join us today for fun free chat!!