Whilst here at chat room city we pride ourselves on keeping you safe, chat rooms are about fun. We don’t sit back and just let things happen we and our chatters are proactive in creating a fun chat room. A fun chat room where people look forward to coming to each day. For us chat is not just about meeting people from all over the world but to actually engage in activities as well.

Join us at Chat Room City fun chat room

There is something for everyone of all ages to do, from making a point through Giphy to sharing YouTube videos.

But wait there is more we organise different events and activities for our chat community. Most Saturdays you will see one chat room have a music club event. At this event chatters are invited to share a song via our YouTube facility based on that weeks topic.

Another thing you will regularly see in our fun chat room is movies or documentaries advertised many find it fun to watch these and chat at the same time. Join us and make suggestions for what you would type of movie or documentary you would like to see.

Also our chat room events coordinator regularly hosts game show nights/days which many find fun and unique to our site. These well organised events are a lot of fun and create much discussion and banter. Try and beat last week’s champion you know you want to!

Maybe you want to hold or run an event at chat room city? We not only encourage members of our chat community to organize such events we will help you in any way we can if its advertising or opening a special chat room for that day. Also you can work on ideas with your friends via our friends message wall.

Come join us, check out how fun chat is without the perverts and trolls you find at other sites.