Adding your pic: Go to your main profile on the top right. My Profile-click on the silhouette picture; next to the x is a small camera. This is where you can get your profile pic as long as it is on your device.

Top right is an icon that looks like a crayon, this is where you can edit your mood, change password, etc.
Three lines is where you can add a friend, talk in private, or ignore a person.
Theme Settings: You can select different themes to your preference. Cerulean is very easy on the eyes. There are themes for different holidays; festive and lots of fun.
Sound Settings: You can mute the sounds in the room
Private Settings: You can control who can go into your PM (private message). You may keep it open to all, only for friends, or no one can PM you.
Options: You can do many things which are self-explanatory.
PLUS SIGN: The first icon is where you can add a picture from your device. The second icon is where you can change your font and add color. The third icon brings up gifs and stickers. The fourth Icon you can draw or write with different colors.
HAPPY FACE: This is where you can get various emojis. There are headings on top, smiley face; ABC; Blue smiley; Pizza; XL. You can only get XL once you are a VIP.
FORUMS and GAMES: You can access this from the chat room on the left side of the screen above the fireplace. If you want to play or browse, you can be in there and still hear if someone tags your name or Pms you.
Friends Wall: Left side of the screen. You may put a saying or picture on your wall. The only ones who will be able to see this will be your friends. If you do not have someone on your friend list, they will not be able to see what you posted.
NEWS: This is where Johnny and I post important information. Please take the time to read this when you see a notification.
HOUSE: There is a small icon of a house on the top right. If you click on this, it will pull up all the rooms. This is where you will go to get into the various rooms we have here. All you would do is click on the room you want to enter and you will be in that particular room.
MUSIC: Click on music that is on the left above the fireplace. It will take you right into Utube; select your song. Share, copy and then paste in the main room or Control V.
LOG OFF: Click on your main profile pic. You will see the logout