Shrunken Bones

Yes, this is by far the best site I ever been to.

Gene R

It is fun in the room friendly people respectful lots of laughs and fun when u down they bring u up lot of good people all over the world

Lexi B

This chat is very friends and drama free and i love it! I hardly use any other chat room and now that i've been here a couple months wouldn't want to.

Joanne R

I have found Chatroomcity is one of the friendliest chat rooms. I've found the people to be genuinely nice and funny and love to chat. They all seem to look out for each other.

Sandy H

I have been in chatroomcity for a few months now. It is a wonderful chat site with very many lovely people. You feel welcomed immediately. They all seem to get along well; a family atmosphere. I have been there when they had games and we had many laughs. Not competition as much as plain old fun. They have a Forums and also a Game Zone. The owners are great and chat right along with the rest of us. The mod and admin as well are superb. I am very lucky to have come across this site. I do not see myself looking for another.


Everyone in this chat room is really friendly and I noticed it right away. As soon as I came in the room, everyone began to greet me, whereas no one in other clean-chat chat rooms I had tried that same night paid any attention to me when I came in. So I promptly made a profile and became a member.


The friendliest room ive ever been to, Great chatters, great admins and mods, well controlled and a fun place to hang out. The game nights are fantastic along with the music and gif banter. And no spammers or rude stuff being thrown onto the screen either. So come join us you'll be made very welcome by all.

The Sportsmechanic

I recently joined Chatroomcity from another chat site and the differences were striking as soon as you entered the Main Room. The Chatroomcity Admin and room moderators go out of their way to set up events (Men v. Women games and contests as an example) to promote interaction that spills over into private chat sessions. It has been a blast so far!


The layout is very nice and bright, the mods (or admins) whatever they are called, are all very friendly and actually treat you like a person. You don't get the feel, like other chat rooms, that they think they are above you and you are afraid to chat 'cause they're watching your every move. This place actually had a cozy and friendly feel the minute I joined. Thank you for finally making a chat room where people can have good, honest, clean and respectable chat!!!


Honestly the best chat site I have used in over 10 years there is no fighting trolling or bs unlike other chat sites the mods are brilliant everyone has fun laughs jokes and they all get along I honestly wouldn't chat anywhere else but Chat Room City.


Chatroom city is one of the few left if you want a decent clean chat. Everyone is friendly and makes you feel welcome. No nonsense clean chat. Great people and the administration does a great job overseeing the room.


Lots of chat sites.. some much better run than others. this one is very well run. Friendly chatters.. this one all seems to be friendly chatters. and those that are not.. depart swiftly ( hardly hear their screams) 24/7 chat with a worldwide bunch. if not busy just wait five mins 🙂 good site deserving of praise 🙂


Hi Great place to chat! Wonderful not stuffy and always great conversations. Been to quite a few other chat room, which always end up being controlling Chatroom City is fun and easy to be free in Try it!


I joined CRC April last year when this Site was still struggling as a new Chatsite....soon people from different sites all over came to join CRC as this site, in my opinion, is one of the best Site i been to in my years as a chatter....Admins and Mods are always ready to help its members and most people on this Site are nice...everyone can post vids and gifs and i love all the gifs! Fun games almost every day and everyone can join.....everyone is friendly and helpful....


I been chatting for 20 plus years ,,, easily the best friendliest room I ever used. Great fun great folks ..... more than highly recommend! Give it a go you won't be disappointed!