Chat Room Safety

 These are not rules. They are tips for staying safe and friendly reminders to keep your chat experience a good one.


People can be anyone or portray themselves as anything behind a keyboard and screen. Be very cautious when you meet someone new in chat. Obviously, once you get to know a person and are comfortable with them, then it is up to you how much personal information you wish to share. Please be sensible and do not share too much until you are actually very sure who you are chatting with and how close you decide to get. Some will be super friendly and nice to entice you into trusting them. If you feel in your gut something is not right, you are probably spot on and need to be careful. Always tell a Mod or Admin if something is not right.

If you decide to meet someone from chat, always meet in a public place. Inform someone you know who you are meeting and where. You can meet lots of great people; however, please think carefully before meeting anyone. Most people are just normal folks. It is the minority that can be a nightmare for you.

Do not hesitate to put someone on your “ignore” list. If anyone irritates or bothers you, this is a good tool to use. If it changes later, you can always unblock them. Sometimes you may click the wrong action and put someone on ignore accidentally.  Check your ignore list now and then to ensure this has not happened.

“Red Flag” any message that you are uncomfortable with or deem to be offensive. You may do this at the end of postings by the date and time with the dots. By doing this, it will show up with staff and we will determine the action which will be taken.

Do not feel obligated to reply to private messages. It is entirely up to you who you decide to private message with. If a chatter persists in messaging you when you have asked them to stop, please put them on ignore and let a staff member know. If they send you something offensive, please let a staff member know this as soon as possible. If they are sending you something inappropriate, chances are they are also sending it to others. Whatever is done mutually is your business;  however, if you are being sent something you have not asked for, this is a problem. Someone should always ask if they can share a picture and make sure what type of picture it is.

Report any messages that break our rules.

We strongly advise you not to send photographs of yourself, friends, or family members to anyone. We form strong bonds with some people and this is the exception. If you wish to show family in the main room, please make sure there is a staff member online so they may delete the picture after viewing.

If someone is giving out personal information about you, please let a staff member know as soon as you can. Please have a screenshot or copy and paste the dialog as we need proof. We cannot do anything merely on hearsay. If they are talking about you on another social media and not on our site, there is nothing we can do. This only applies to what is being said or done on chat.

Never tell anyone your password. If there is a problem, the Superadmin will change your password so you may get into a chat or forum and then you can change it once you are back in. No friends or other chatters should know how to get into your account. If you know that someone is under 18 years of age and is chatting in our chat room, please report to a staff member as soon as possible. This is not only for the safety of the person under 18, it is also for the safety of our chatters. Even if there is only a few days difference before they will be 18 years old, they will need to wait until they are of age to be here.

Some members will ask where you are located, you may give this information at your discretion keeping aware not to give your exact location. Do not share your email or phone numbers with just anyone. Please get to know someone very well before you share anything.