1. Age Limitations:
You must be 18 years old to get on our site. If you only have a few days until your 18th birthday, you must wait until you are of legal age before coming into Chat Room City. If you enter our chat, you will be kicked or banned. We are not trying to be harsh, we have no teen room in Chat Room City. This is for your safety and for the safety of our chatters.

2. We are the owners of Chat Room City. It is our rules and our regulations. We can deny you access or ban you at our discretion. If what you are posting is not acceptable, we reserve the right to mute and PM what is not acceptable to us. What you deem acceptable may not be with us. We will not be unreasonable; however, we do have a standard that will be upheld.

3. We do not ban lightly; however, if you break our rules, are from a country of scammers, come in with a questionable username or profile picture and info, you will be banned depending on the severity. There will be times the Admin will PM and ask if she can change your username, or ask if your profile picture will be changed. If you log off and come back on and do not comply, you will be banned.

4. This is not a sex chat and we ask that you conduct yourselves as adults. If you are coming onto our site for this primary reason, Chat Room City is not the site you are looking for. It would be best if you moved on. No nudity or pornography is permitted in any room of Chat Room City. This includes gifs, cartoons, and sex chat in the rooms. What you do in private is your business as long as it is consensual. Do not send pictures of yourself unless you ask the person first. If you send a nude without a member’s consent, you will be banned.

5. We do not discriminate and will not tolerate bigotry of any type. This includes race, sex, gender, religion or sexual orientation. You may not agree with someone but you need to show respect and tolerance for others. If they say something you find offensive, please screenshot or copy and send to one of the staff. The Superadmins will then decide further action depending on the context. No bullying is permitted or harassment of another chatter, in main or in PM. Do not post in the main room what another chatter has said to you in PM. Do not try to humiliate or cause embarrassment to another chatter in the main room. If you were in a friendship or relationship with someone and it went bad, do not slander that person in our chat room. What was between you two will stay between you two or you may be banned.

6. Do not post your email addresses or phone numbers in the main room. If you want to share that information, it should be done in PM only. Be cautious as you really do not know who you are chattering with. We try our best to weed out the phony people but we are human and some may slip by us. We find out information if the chatters tell us which is always helpful. We keep you safe by chatters helping us to do so.

7. We do not permit you to solicit another website or chat room while in Chat Room City. Be respectful to us as we will be respectful towards you. Do not post any links unless you ask a staff member for permission. Links are not permitted on our website but there may be some exceptions to this rule. If you post without permission, it will be deleted.

8. There are times our Mods and Admins will not be on chat. We try to have coverage but everyone has a life outside of chat. If a trouble maker comes on chat, please let the SuperAdmin know the user name in PM. One of them will ban pending investigation of the chatter in question. We do not permit VPNs in Chat Room City; however, some do slip in. If for some reason, you have a VPN and there is a security reason why you have one, the owners will obtain your real information once you turn off your VPN. Once we are secure in knowing you are not a threat, we “may” allow you to use your VPN in entering our chat room.

9. We only allow English in our chat rooms for a very good reason. The staff needs to know what you are saying at all times. If you post in another language, it will be deleted and you will be asked to refrain as it is in our rules we must use only English. If you continue to ignore our request, you will be banned. If a Mod or Admin delete a gif or post, do not argue with them. They are under instructions to delete anything that is contrary to our rules. If you argue with a Mod or Admin, they may kick you off the site for a period of time. If you feel you have been kicked or banned unfairly, please send an email to contact@chatroomcity.com or sunnybev@chatroomcity.com We will both discuss whether or not you will be permitted back in if banned, or how long the kick will be in place. If you were banned due to a safety issue with our site or chatters, please do not bother emailing. The ban will stay in place and no discussion will be necessary.

10. VIPs are given to chatters who are loyal to our site. They come in regularly to chat and see Chat Room City as their home. We do not charge for VIPs as your loyalty is more important to us than money. If you become a VIP and then disappear, we reserve the right to pull the VIP from you. If you are working or ill, that is entirely a different matter. Your VIP will never be pulled. Since we give VIPS out as appreciation, if you receive one and then decide to stay somewhere else, there is no loyalty and a VIP will no longer be viable. We are not trying to be mean but sensible. If you quit working at your job site and only visit now and then, management is not going to continue to pay you a salary. It will be evident the person has moved on. This is the same with chatters. You may not feel our site is what you are looking for and you have moved on. You will always be welcomed into Chat Room City; however, VIPS are earned and not given out for no reason. We have very loyal chatters and VIPS does mean something to the owners, and to the chatters who stay with us.

**Follow our rules and guidelines and it will be a very enjoyable chat experience for you as well as for us. We want you to have a good time while meeting nice people, playing games, and feeling welcomed by all. Safety and decency are our focus in Chat Room City. Enjoy the site and we are happy to have you with us.**