Are you looking for Instant Chat? We offer Instant chat with no registration process to go through. There is no registration form to enter details into or email address required, just enter the chat name that you wish to use and you will have access to our exciting chat rooms.

We welcome guests to our chat rooms because we know you will be impressed and will become a full member.

Why register if you can have instant chat?

It is best to register as a member of Chatroomcity because you have access to functions that guests do not. We have a high-quality YouTube player that guests do not have access to and guests also cannot use our Giphy player.

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Why have guests?

Offering guest accounts to people gives them the opportunity to try out our chat rooms. If you enjoy our chat, you can register to enjoy all our chat features. However, if you do not enjoy our rooms then there is no obligation to continue chatting. You have not used up any of your time filling in a registration form.

We are confident that you will like our chat rooms and that is why we offer instant chat. A guest cannot reserve their chat name, therefore you could come back to chat and someone else has the chat name you like. Therefore, we urge you to register and enjoy all the benefits we offer at Chatroomcity.

If you do decide to register, we have a very simple registration process. You will need a working email account, this is where we send you a code to verify your account. Please use a reputable email company and never use a temporary email account site. Our system will not send emails to temporary accounts.

Whether you continue to chat as a guest or register as a member, please enjoy your visit.