If you are looking for a mobile chat, our rooms are ideal. Our chat rooms are ultra-responsive and are ideal for use with any mobile device.

mobile chat devices

Our chat rooms are available in full-screen and an embedded page. Both links will open in a new window.

Is mobile chat good quality on a phone?

Our chat rooms are popular with phone users. Google Analytics indicates that around one-third of our users access our room on their phones. I often access the chat rooms on my tablet when I am with friends.

The number of mobile phone users who use their phone to access the Internet is rising every year. Last year (2018), Shopify announced that 66% of their business over the Black Friday – Cyber Monday was from mobile phone customers.

We know from experience that more and more people are accessing chat on mobile devices. We had this in mind when we were looking to buy a chat program. All of our chat room features work well on mobile devices.

We have also optimised our website to make it fully responsive to the specifications of your device. What this means is our pages will resize to fit the device that is accessing them. We have designed and tested the site with all devices in mind. I know from personal experience that some websites appear to be designed primarily for desktop users. I find it annoying having to scroll around looking for the item I wish to buy or the info I want to read.

On our site, we have designed the pages for easy use on any device. In particular, on mobile devices, all of the controls that you require to chat instantly can be accessed on one screen. You will not have to scroll at all unless you want to read more information about the site. Everything that you need to instantly enter our chat has been placed on the very first screen.

No one does more to help you enjoy chat than Chatroomcity.com. Come chat with us now!