Looking for fun online chat rooms? You have come to the right place. Here at Chat Room City we pride ourselves on providing you with a platform to have fun, meet new people and be safe troll and pervert free.

Looking for fun online chat rooms? You have come to the right place for fun safe troll free chat!!! Join Chat Room City Today!!

Chatters Enjoying Online Chat Rooms At Chat Room City

Fun Online Chat Rooms

The fun starts with our great facilities. We have functions such as a You tube player that you can share your favourite You Tube videos on. We also have Giphy which you can express yourselves via gifs. Our emoji are great for expressing yourself in a fun way, we constantly update these in our online chat rooms. Our chatters really love our radio station with a wide range of choices of music genre so there is music for all tastes available.

Is That All?

Is that all? you may ask. We say NO it is not everything that is fun in our online chat rooms. We have great chatters, many who have been chatting for many years. They know how to have fun in chat without being rude or crude.

We have great Administrators and Moderators therefore we don’t have the problems of online trolls and perverts ruining your fun.

A few of us hold regular events such as Music Club and Meme Wars and many other chatter run games!! These type of events are looked forward to with great anticipation. We also have a quiz bot we can put on for our chatters to have fun and friendly competition with.

Free Room Hire

You have a group or club that lines to meet regularly but is sick of the hassles and insecurity of social media? Contact us and we can accommodate your group with its own password protected room.

Always Upgrading

Besides all of the above we are constantly upgrading our online chat rooms with new features and function. We have huge list of things we want to create to give our chatters the best chat experience possible.

Come chat with us today!!