Welcome to Chat Room City, the best online chat site. Here at Chat Room City we actually care for our chatters and do our best to provide the best, the safest, most pervert and troll free fun online chat rooms around. Join today!!!people having fun in free online chat room

Why would you choose Chat Room City as the place you would spend your time chatting? There are many reasons we can give here are but a few.

We Care

The whole concept of Chat Room City online chat comes from the fact we actually care. We were Administrators and Moderators of other online chat sites. We saw that those sites didn’t care about their chatters. They only cared about numbers and making a profit from people. These sites didn’t care about chat safety. They restricted things that their chat programs could do. Also, there were often restrictions on Moderators and Administrators on what they could do to help and protect vulnerable chatters. There was a failure to listen to those who wanted just normal types of chat.

Here at Chat Room City, the opposite is true. We listen to our chatters. If anything we do or haven’t done as well as we could is brought to our attention we will fix it. We genuinely want you to have a fun and safe time here and will do our very best to make sure that happens.

You will find that our chatters care too. This is a real community, not just an ordinary online chat site.

We Keep Things Clean and Safe

Safety of our chatters in our online chat is a priority for us. In particular our younger chatters. Too often we see the perverts on other chats exploit those not equipped to deal with such things. So often we have seen the vulnerable hurt.

We have in place here at Chat Room City policies and procedures to protect you here. Anyone caught in harmful behaviour is dealt with harshly with permanent bans and if laws are broken evidence is sent to law enforcement. We are able to do this without affecting your ability to have fun here. Our moderators are not overbearing.

We are not so strict as to restrict people from having fun and we use evidence-based procedures. In general, you won’t see the work we are doing, until someone actually gets banned. We work on the principle of innocent until proven guilty. Seeing people falsely accused at other sites has made us aware of how harmful false accusations can be.

But if the evidence of harm or attempted harm is shown we do not hesitate to act.

Please check out our online chat rules page.

We are are a fun online chat site

At the end of the day if there’s no fun why be here? We go out of our way to try and provide you with the facilities to have online chat fun. Our very experienced moderators know how to keep an eye on things without getting in the way of you enjoying yourself here.


Here at Chat Room City we have a wide range of emotes for you to use to express yourself. We also upgrade and make changes to these on a regular basis.


One program we use within our online chat rooms is Giphy. With this program, you can search for and post GIFs in chat. GIF stands for graphics interchange format. It’s essentially pictures that move.

Our chatters have a lot of fun communicating with this format. Many are very funny and there is much laughter in chat when people employ GIPHY.


Our online chat rooms have a YouTube facility. This is a great thing for a chat room. Chatters are able to share videos from YouTube. Often they will share music videos or just plain funny videos. We occasionally show movies or documentaries via this format as well. So much can be done to enhance peoples fun using YouTube.

Quiz Bot

Our program also has a quiz bot that we can turn on when requested. This bot posts random questions for our chatters to answer. Scores are kept and it’s a lot of fun trying to beat each other to the answers. Those of you who love quizzes will love this program.

Special events and clubs

At Chat Room City we have special events and clubs, we also encourage people to create their own clubs and events.

One of our popular clubs is Music Club. Each week they have a themed event and each member takes turns to post a song based on that theme. Anyone can join in on this event and be a member of the club.

Music club isn’t the only event that is help within our online chat rooms. Our events coordinator often holds game show nights. You can join in the fun of game shows here in chat.

We often have movie nights and documentary nights. These are a lot of fun to watch and chat at the same time.

We also encourage you to run any events you would like to put on just talk to one of our administrators and we will facilitate it for you and advertise it to out wider chatter community.

Profile and Friends

As part of our commitment to building an online chat community, we have facilitated the ability to create your own profile and to add friends to your friends’ list.

You can let people know how you are feeling via the mood section of your profile. Tell us all a bit about you in the about you section.

Your friends’ list is a great way to keep up with your chat friends. You can communicate with them individually via offline messages or all at once via the friends wall. When you post on the friends’ wall all your friends will see it and can respond.

Come Join us in our online chat rooms!!

At the end of the day we can tell you about everything we do but in order to really understand what we are about you need to see for yourself. Its free to join so why not join us today!!!