Social Chat

Our aim is to provide chat rooms where you can have a good social chat. When our moderators and admins were working at other sites, the good chatters were sick of the constant sexual references. Good chatters wanted somewhere to chat where they could have a friendly chat without always being asked ‘asl?’ or ‘r u single?’

Social chat abbreviations

What makes you different from other sites that promise social chat?

I think the big difference is we prefer quality chatters to the number of chatters. This may mean that some of our rooms only have a few chatters and we are okay with that. We realise that there will always be problem chatters, but we will do our best to keep them out of our chat rooms.

How can you keep problem chatters out?

We do not put up with problem chatters. If you are disruptive, then you are gone. If you are here to spoil things for other people then we do not want you here. We realise that people can slip up and perhaps make a small mistake, in that example we can give a warning. However, any deliberate trolling, spamming, sexual innuendos in public, inappropriate chat names or avatars, then you are banned. We don’t ban people for a few minutes or a day, it is a permanent ban. Please read this page for an idea of appropriate behaviour.

You seem serious about Social Chat.

We want people who share our chat philosophy to meet here for a safe, fun and friendly chat. We hope that people from different countries and cultures can come here and share their experiences with others. In a social chat site people should be able to chat appropriately with others and feel safe and relaxed when doing so. We hope many of you make friendships here that last for many years to come.