How strict are you about age limits?

We are very strict regarding our teen chat room. Obviously, we understand that genuine mistakes can be made, so it will depend on context. Anyone under 13yo or over 18yo they will be told to leave. If they refuse to leave, they will be banned, no second chances.

teen chat room

Our teen chat room is ONLY for teens. Only chatters aged 13-18 years can chat in our teen chat room. If you are older, or younger, you will be removed and may even be banned from Chatroomcity.

The safety of our teen chatters is extremely important to us here at Chatroomcity. We will do our best to have an Admin or Moderator in the teen room 24/7, but if one is not available, there is an ignore function that chatters can use.

The teen chat room has all the functions that other rooms have, such as a YouTube Player and Giphy player. Chatters also have the ability to upload their own avatars. We would recommend that teen chatters do not use a photo of themselves as an avatar as avatars are easy to copy.

We also want our teen chatters to know that they should not reveal any personal information, such as home address or phone number. There is also no good reason to give any personal information to moderators or admins.

For further advice on chat room safety, please read THIS page. We also recommend that you use a search engine, such as Google, to find out more ways to stay safe online.

Our main aims here at Chatroomcity is for our chatters to have fun in a safe and friendly environment. At this time we would like to point out that everyone chatting here is subject to the rules. We all have a responsibility to follow the rules.