Unregistered Users

Can I chat without registering?

Yes, you can!

We encourage everyone to register for our chat rooms, unregistered users are very welcome.

Would this be for a trial period?

No. You are welcome to chat for as long as you want as an unregistered user. Therefore, start chatting NOW!

Why register?

You should register because our chat rooms have many features that unregistered users are not able to use. Therefore, we would like everyone to register because they will have a better chat experience.

What are some of these features?

There are too many to list here, these are just a few of the popular ones.

youtube logo unregistered page

We have a high-quality YouTube player that has its own search engine. The youtube player can play in a pop-out window or even full-screen.


Giphy logo unregistered page




A very popular feature is our gif player. Powered by Giphy.com, and because it has its own search engine, you have access to over one million gifs! Make your messages stand out by adding an animated gif or a sticker.

radio player



Extremely popular is our streaming radio player. Choose from a large range of radio stations to listen to as you chat.



Registered users can also upload their own avatar pictures and change the color of their chat name. They also have a friends list and a friends wall to share pics or info with their friends. Possibly the main reason to register is to reserve your chat name. If your chat name is registered no one else can use that name.

What do I to register?

Registration is simple, all you need is a working email account. A code is sent to the email address you use to register, once you enter the code you can begin chatting. Please use a reputable email address, temporary email addresses are not accepted. If you have a problem registering, please use this CONTACT form and an admin will contact you.

If you are on Twitter please search for Tauriel, she can give more advice about our chat rooms.